Programs For Those with Disabilities

Cornerstone has specialized in providing services for persons with disabilities for several years.  The premier loan product for those eligible is CHFA's HomeAccess Program.

A special CHFA program may make it easier for first-time homebuyers with disabilities to purchase a home with additional funds advanced at closing but not repaid for 30 years or in some cases forgiven. The HomeAccess is a statewide programs for low- to very-low-income homebuyers.  for downpayment and closing costs. Recipients of Section 8 rent vouchers who qualify for CHFA's HomeAccess or HomeAccess Plus Program may be able to use these funds towards purchasing a home.

The program has income and purchase price limits and is offered through selected participating lenders. If the home is sold, the transaction may be subject to a recapture tax. Contact a Participating HomeAccess Lender for information on how to qualify for a mortgage.

For comprehensive information regarding education, resources, and assistance for people with disabilities seeking homeownership in Colorado contact the HERO Alliance.