Affordable Housing



Cornerstone’s primary business focus is on assisting in acquisition development and marketing of affordable housing in the metro Denver area.  We have specialized in this field for over 17 years as a real estate brokerage firm and prior to that in loan origination and servicing since the late 1970’s.  We have worked with both state and local governmental agencies and a large number of non-profit housing organizations.


We believe that we can utilize our resources in providing clients with opportunities to tap into leveraging from many sources to maximize the affordability of housing.  We are experienced with acquisition, development and marketing in this arena.

Larry was recently interviewed by McKissock, a leading real estate education firm, on our special niche in affordable housing.  Please click the link below to read the interview:


We were honored to be nominated for the 1999 Colorado Housing NOW! Eagle Award for our efforts in the field of Affordable Housing.


Following is a list of references and services provided to the public and private sectors focusing on various aspects of Affordable Housing: